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Saturday, October 27

DISCLAIMER: All scheduled programming is subject to change at any time.

|| 11:00

Panelist: Victor Lucas

|| 12:00


John Yoon (The Games Institute, UW), Charlie Watson (CEO, founder, SetToDestroyX), Alexandra Orlando (Games studies researcher, streamer), Andre Paradis (Founder, UW LoL club), Tim Kocik (Executive, UW Smash club)

Moving past the clichéd discussions of the legitimacy of eSports as bona fide competition, this panel’s theme shifts the attention from what eSports is to what eSports can accomplish. Shifting from the competitive game to the cooperative society, this panel will discuss the state and the role of eSports in our communities, both large and small. As competitive gaming gains more traction within mainstream culture, what can eSports as a growing industry do in terms of building community, both online and offline? Various levels of community have blossomed ranging from grassroots competitions, collegiate level play, and professional organized play. What should these strata of our industry do to further their growth and foster meaningful community engagement for the future? Do players, fans, organizations, and administrators have any responsibility in shaping how this industry develops? What roles do these actors currently hold and what roles should they hold going forward? As eSports grows, there are increasing concerns about fostering inclusivity and representation in the scene, how should this be done? Who should be responsible? Finally, as eSports cements itself as a mainstay of popular culture, there will be more and more interaction with other communities, like academia. Are these merely growing pains for an inchoate industry or should we openly embrace the exportation of eSports? This panel hopes to have a free and open conversation about these questions and more.

|| 1:00

Panelist: Devon Wiersma, Level Designer at Ubisoft Toronto 

It’s important for designers to have hobbies outside of games – like music! In this talk, Devon Wiersma will discuss how the principles and philosophies of punk rock can help shape the game development creative process.


|| 2:00

Panelist: Littlenavi

This panel is geared toward educating folks about accessibility in video games. Come learn how we can all promote accessibility in gaming, and how gamers and developers alike can make a difference in the lives of folks with disabilities by pushing for more accessible features in games. We’ll talk about what accessibility in gaming looks like, why it’s so important to have accessible features in games, what we can all do as individuals to have an impact on the industry, and more! Hosted by Littlenavi, a Twitch streamer, accessibility advocate, and gamer whose gaming experience is made unique by her own set of disabilities.

|| 3:00

Panelist: Colin Cummings, Editor-in-Chief of Third Person 

Getting your game out there is hard in this day and age, as game storefronts like Steam and the Nintendo eShop are packed with new releases. Finding an outlet to cover your game needs some finesse, and this talk will help with just that. Join the Editor-in-Chief of Third Person, Colin Cummings, and learn some tips on how to market your indie game to both press and a wider audience.

|| 4:00

Panelist: Mark Shockley

Q&A With DreamcastGuy! Find out all the tricks of youtube, ask about cool games, or just geek out about SEGA at this fun filled panel.

|| 5:00

Panelists: Shane Luis & Adam Keresztyen

Witness some of the worst video games ever made live with the cast of Rerez!

|| 6:00

Panelists: Russell Ordona, Mike Levesque, Andrew Newby, Ethan Moore, Kevin Heimann


|| 7:00

Panelists: Yahtzee & MovieBob

Come hang out with the Escapist crew including Yahtzee from Zero Punctuation and MovieBob from The Big Picture and watch some classic episodes of the Escapist’s best videos!


Sunday, October 28

DISCLAIMER: All scheduled programming is subject to change at any time.

|| 11:00

|| 12:00

Panelists: Russ Pitts, Victor Lucas, Yahtzee, MovieBob

The Escapist had a long and eventful history. Welcome to the reckoning. In this informal Q&A with returning Editor-in-Chief Russ Pitts and returning content creators Loading Ready Run, Bob “MovieBob” Chipman, and more, we’ll talk about what went wrong, what we’re doing to make it right, and some of the content changes we have in store.

|| 1:00

Meet Victor Lucas, Yahtzee, MovieBob and Russ Pitts!

Panelists: Ata Dogan, Technical Game Designer Sheridan College, Sanaa Memon Game Designer & Technical Writer Sheridan College, William Liang-Yu Lu, Game Designer / UI Artist, Sheridan College, YinTing (Anita) He, Game Designer, Sheridan College

What happens when game designers are thrown into app design? A post-mortem of a 7-week research project to make an educational app (proof of concept). We’ll be diving into how design thinking is cross-disciplinary, as well as how gamification and participatory design works.

|| 2:00

Panelists: Josh Marcus (MKM Group), Evan Kubes (MKM Group), Neil Duffy (World Gaming), Ryan Pallett (Toronto Esports Club)

Neil Duffy of World Gaming and Ryan Pallett of Toronto Esports Club join Josh Marcus and Evan Kubes of MKM Group to discuss the world of professional esports and the relationship between law, gamers, and sponsorships.

Meet & Greet a Maple Leaf! Please note that the Mitch Marner Meet & Greet is EXCLUSIVELY AVAILABLE to Mitch Marner Premium Package holders. Regular EGLX admission DOES NOT grant access to this event. Packages are limited and available now on the EGLX Tickets page.

|| 3:00

Panelists: Brett Medlock, Aric Sweeny, Andrew Rockett, Eli Pales 

The Nintendo Enthusiast ( team hashes out the best games of Nintendo’s renowned history. With such a variety of incredible titles, Nintendo Enthusiast attempts to break it all down into one, cohesive list. Let the battle begin!

|| 4:00

Meet Victor Lucas, Yahtzee, MovieBob and Russ Pitts!

Panelist: Mikki Benaglia,  Art Director & 2D Game Artist at Longbow Games

In my talk, The Art of Golem, I will be talking about how I, the Art Director and 2D Game Artist, lead the small art team of Golem by Longbow Games throughout production over the two year project. I will be showcasing the pre-production, production, and in game art from the released game. This talk will discuss the challenges of independent game developers acting in multiple roles with limited resources. We will go through how I approached the Art Direction and how the art team found creative solutions in an iterative and rapid production environment.

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